DTS Level 1

This 5 week virtual course continues to be the gold standard for those who value experiential learning.

Master movement assessments.

Create exceptional personalized programs. 

Gain confidence & competence in training sessions.

Transform your clients' lives.


Course Dates

May 5th - June 9th, 2023 

Webinars run on Fridays from 11:15am - 1:15pm EST.

What Virtual Course Graduates Say

Nicholas Ahkine

Personal Trainer

DTS Level 1 has transformed not only my approach to training, but my approach to life in general. 

Alana McCready

Personal Trainer

I took the live version of this course 10 years ago, but wanted to take a refresher and go back to the foundations. 

I preferred the virtual version!  The video submissions forced me to practice and I loved the personal feedback.  I also like that I can continue to go through the modules.

This course should be mandatory for all trainers.

Erin Tusa-Thatcher

Personal Health & Fitness Coach

DTS Level 1 transformed my confidence as a trainer. It really helped me build an understanding of different bodies and how to write a program according to what they need. 

We've spent over a decade developing systems that are easy for trainers to use and WORK. 


It is not knowledge that is powerful. It is the application of knowledge that is powerful. 


You Will Learn How To:


  • Perform a movement assessment.
  • Design personalized movement prep (warm up) based on your assessment.
  • Coach movement effectively using the DTS 7 Step System.
  • Design programs based on the opportunities and needs of your clients.
  • Use training to improve the client’s capacity and make daily deposits in their health bank account.
  • Ask questions to understand the intrinsic motivators for your clients.
  • Leverage mindset in your personal & professional life. 
  • Apply skills that will make you confident and competent in training sessions. 

The Curriculum

1 - Welcome Week

Get to know your instructors, meet your fellow students, and familiarize yourself with our learning platform. 

Learn the "Mindset ABC's."

2 - Upper Body

You will learn: upper body assessments and what to look for, mobility techniques, stability protocols, and how to effectively coach upper body exercises. 

3 - Lower Body

You will learn: lower body assessments and what to look for, mobility techniques, stability protocols, and how to effectively coach lower body exercises. 

4/5 - Program Design 

Design a program based on your client's assessments, goals, and demands of daily life. 

Walk through and practice designing programs with interactive case studies. 

Every Week

- LIVE 2 hour Zoom Webinars

- Instructor Office Hours

- Online content

- Assignments with personalized video feedback from instructors

Lead Course Instructor: Kevin Darby

Questions? Book a call with us.

Upcoming Dates

May 5th - June 9th, 2023

$1000 CAD

One-Time or 2 Split Payments

Payment plan option available at checkout.

Webinars Fridays 11:15am - 1:15pm EST. 


This course is eligible for 4 CECs from canfitpro.