DTS Habits Coach 


This 4-week virtual course will transform the way you approach habit change. 

Stop wondering if clients are "on" or "off" the wagon and put them on the path towards sustainable change with our science-based system. 




November 10th - December 8th, 2022

It's frustrating when clients don't follow through with changes outside of the gym.


That's why we developed a habit change SYSTEM that you can follow with clients to help them make changes that will last a lifetime. 


When clients feel successful with their sleep, movement, connection and eating habits, they'll keep coming back and your training business will thrive. 

Asad Ali

Founder, Ummahfit

Amazing experience. Habits coaching is the future of health and wellness. I have always felt like training clients a few days per week was not enough, but I did not know how to influence their habits outside of the gym. This course gave me the tools to implement an effective behaviour change strategy for my clients, and even for myself.

Julie Wylde

Trainer & NLP Practitioner

This course was the missing piece for my coaching and there will never be enough words I can say to thank you.

Connor Miyamoto

Personal Trainer

The content of this course was simply fantastic. The entire process was laid out extremely clearly. In addition, all the golden nuggets on mindset, personal development, and habit change keys were absolutely phenomenal. DTS laid this stuff out more clearly and in more insightful ways than any other course I've encountered.

You will learn how to:

  • Assess your client's current habits using a proprietary questionnaire. 
  • Prioritize the area to focus on with each client. 
  • Use the Small, Specific, Stacked Method to set your client up for success and sustainability. 
  • Help your client track their habit. 
  • Facilitate reflection for continuous incremental improvement. 
  • Discover the root cause of challenges with habits. 

What to Expect

- Five 1.5-hour interactive live webinars on Zoom (with recordings available)

- Weekly online modules to review independently

- Weekly submissions with feedback from instructors to keep you on track

- 4-6 hours of work each week

- Access to instructor Office Hours

- A transformational learning experience that will improve your health & happiness habits

Lead Course Instructor: Casey Zavaleta

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Upcoming Dates

November 10th - December 8th, 2022

$750 CAD

Registration Closes November 8th

2 month payment plan available at checkout.





Weekly webinars are Thursdays 11:15am - 12:45pm EST

(If you cannot attend live webinars, recordings will be available.)

This course is eligible for 4 CECs from canfitpro.