Virtual Barbell Strength 


This 4 week virtual course will teach you to safely execute and coach barbell exercises. You will perform and receive feedback on your deadlift, overhead press, bench press & squat. 


Upcoming Dates

September 27th - October 25th, 2023

You will learn how to:

  • Qualify clients to do barbell exercises.
  • Prep clients for the barbell based on their specific needs. 
  • Set up to optimize barbell lifts. 
  • Optimize your own execution of barbell exercises. 
  • Confidently coach your clients to use the barbell pain-free. 
  • Troubleshoot lifts using analysis software. 
  • Program barbell exercises to increase strength and function.  

"Fantastic as always. The quality of information is so amazing and I always learn such helpful and useful information to build my coaching confidence. I really liked how you took us through videos where we could build our coaches eye - I think thats so unique to DTS and makes the course that much more valuable because you help us build our skillset right there. It was such great value - thanks for always providing above and beyond quality value!"

What to Expect:

- Five 2-hour interactive live webinars on Zoom (with recordings available)

- Weekly online modules to review independently

- Weekly submissions with feedback from instructors to keep you on track

- Access to instructor Office Hours

- A transformational learning experience that will change your approach to working with a barbell

Lead Course Instructor: Chris Fudge

"I loved getting feedback! And Chris has such a nice way of critiquing and complimenting so that I felt validated and excited to improve."

Upcoming Dates

September 27th - October 25th, 2022

$1000 CAD

2 month payment plan available at checkout. 


Weekly webinars are Wednesdays 1:00pm - 3:00pm EST

(If you cannot attend live webinars, recordings will be available.)