Virtual Courses:

The Best of Both Worlds

Work your way through a digital course complete with live webinars, supportive instructors, and a cohort of like-minded trainers.

In a virtual course, you get the flexibility of an online course with the interactivity of a live course.



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Virtual DTS Level 1

DTS Level 1 is our flagship certification based on the DTS 7 Step System.

Gain the confidence and competence to effectively take your clients from assessment to program design to coaching and execution.

The DTS Level 1 Certification is a foundations course for any level of trainer.

May 5th - June 9th, 2023

Webinars Fridays 11:15am - 1:15pm EST

(Webinars are recorded)

Price: $1000 CAD


Virtual Barbell Strength

DTS Barbell Strength will teach you to safely execute and coach barbell exercises including the conventional deadlift, trap bar deadlift, bench press, overhead press, front squat and back squat.  

This course is designed to help you safely maximize use of the barbell with clients. 

September 27th to October 25th

Webinars Wednesdays 1pm - 3pm EST

(Webinars are recorded)

Price: $1000 CAD


Jamie Monette

Owner, JKS Sports Inc.

The reason I continue to choose DTS is simple – it’s a hands-on approach that doesn’t fail. The amount of knowledge and confidence I experience after walking out of a DTS Certification is unparalleled. It’s something you want and can apply during your very next client session. DTS truly delivers a world-class experience and I would highly recommend their courses to all health professionals!

Trainer Tools

The Trainer Tools library is chock-full of game-changing resources that will empower you to transform your clients' sleep habits, cardiorespiratory health, back pain and more!