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Hamza Khan

Team Lead/Fitness Instructor, MedCan

I chose DTS Fitness Education because of the reputation they have built among top performing trainers. They deliver great value and their instructors show care for every student. 

After 7 courses through DTS, I now have a variety of tools to troubleshoot any client training-related problem. As managers, we always look more warmly on candidates with a DTS background because we know the quality of education is top notch!

Kelly Thorne

VP of Personal Training, Movati Athletic

DTS Fitness Education has been pivotal in helping our trainers feel confident in assessing and training clients. This is why we chose DTS to provide 2 days of onboarding for all new personal trainers at Movati Athletic.

Their instructors are clear and effective in their communication. The students have an opportunity to learn, practice with peers, and test their knowledge to ensure the material can be applied effectively directly after the course. I recommend DTS Fitness Education to all personal trainers. 

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