Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) Level 2

In Level 2 training, you learn the technique of Stretch to Win – Fascial Stretch Therapy® (STW-FST®). Level 2 training is focused on you learning the art of FST.


Course Introduction


What You'll Learn

There are a total of 10 layers of specific technique principles that you will apply to multiple FST movement patterns as you go up the levels of our training. In Level 1, you learned layers 1-4. Here are the some of the advanced layers of Level 2:

  • The next three levels are: 5) Active PNF with rotations, 6) Active PNF-CRAC (contract, relax, agonist contract) and 7) Active PNF-CRAC with foot or hand fascial extension.
  • Learn new FST movement patterns like the “Reverse hip opener” and the “Butterfly” that, in one sequence, removes trigger points and scar tissue and radically improves ROM and muscle activation in the time that took you 3 or more sessions in Level 1.
  • Learn ways to deeply access and effect positive change in joint capsules that you couldn't with just Level 1 training; this is where many problems lie.
  • Stretch more effectively by using extremities in unique patterns to mobilize, stretch and manipulate the far reaches and edges of the fascial net.
  • Client is even more active in Level 2, using specific eye, extremity and torso movements in customized patterns for more successful transfer to function.
  • Many more FST techniques added inside lying and prone positions that improve results.
  • Overall increase and expansion of your FST vocabulary and tool bag to individualize and customize the session for your clients.

As past students are fond of saying, “Level 2 is where the real magic happens!”

Upcoming Dates

October 2nd-6th, 2023

$2495 CAD