Low Back Pain Specialist


Do you have clients with low back pain?

Work with them with confidence and competence.

This online course will teach you how to help them to live pain-free.

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What You'll Learn


- Practical functional anatomy. 

- A step by step method for investigating the root cause of your client's pain.

- Relief postures for pain.

- Insights from world renowned spine expert Dr. Stuart McGill, our subject matter expert.

- Changes that can be made to your client's daily routine to avoid pain. 

- Movements and exercises to use in your client's programming.

- How to help your client return to activities of daily living and training pain-free. 


Course Breakdown

  • Module 1 - Low Back Practical Anatomy
  • Module 2 - Low Back Detective
  • Module 3 -  Low Back Solutions

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This course is eligible for 4 CECs from canfitpro.