Hypertrophy Fundamentals

In this online course, you will learn how to manipulate training variables to maximize hypertrophy. 


Course Breakdown

  • Module 1 - Hypertrophy Expectations
  • Module 2 - Muscle Cell Function
  • Module 3 -  Science of Hypertrophy
  • Module 4 - Mechanical Tension
  • Module 5 - Metabolic Stress
  • Module 6 - Muscle Damage
  • Module 7 - Training Variables
  • Module 8 - Exercise Selection
  • Module 9 - Periodization 
  • Module 10 - Training Methods
  • Module 11 - Protein Synthesis
  • Module 12 - Nutrition for Hypertrophy

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This course is eligible for 4.0 CECs from canfitpro.